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Community Achievements

Fully engaged

Les petits frères

For 7 years now, Humaco Group has been sponsoring the Fondation des Petits FrèresThe annual golf tournament, among other things, raises funds for the cause through generous donations and valued sponsors. The organization's mission is to break isolation, to offer an attentive and loving family to single people in desperate need of dignity and human warmth.

Leucan Shaved Head Challenge

The Humaco Group was proud to contribute, following a hot dog dinner, to raise donations for the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge. L’argent recueilli a été remis à une employée de l’entreprise, Tina Mathieu qui a courageusement participé à ce défi.
Congratulations to the entire Humaco team for its involvement and to Tina for her dedication and courage. It is at such events that Humaco's values of commitment and mutual aid are reflected.

Floods 2019

A wave of generosity swept through Humaco when the company learned that one of its members had lost everything in the 2019 floods. Several co-workers were mobilized and Humaco Group organized a fundraiser that raised more than $2,000 and materials for reconstruction.

Thanks to our generous supplier Manugypse for materials and to the great Humaco family which, once again, has been able to illustrate the profound values of the Humaco Group.