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Experimental development

Increase productivity on the construction site

Making Experimental Development Accessible

Experimental development is intended to be a catalyst for technological innovation that can enable the industry to increase its performance, productivity and competitiveness. Humaco Technologies' goal is to make the R&D process accessible to construction workers.

Humaco Technologies:
a profitable investment

Investing in experimental development can provide a significant financial gain at the construction site for a small investment, while giving construction workers the opportunity to concretize and prototype their ideas. Integrating the end user into the experimental development process provides an optimized development process for very rapid prototyping and field testing.

Experimental Development Services

The Humaco Technologies team offers a range of concrete and affordable solutions for your innovation projects.

  • > Feasibility Study
  • > Support in product development
  • > Solution implementation
  • > Training and integration
  • > Product Marketing