Travaux en milieux hospitaliers | Humaco Construction


Minimize the impact of the work on the activities of the medical community

Proven expertise in the hospital environment

Team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Humaco Construction responds to all types of construction contracts in the hospital environment, whether it is to resolve deficiencies, to refurbish a room for a new function or for smaller-scale projects.

Spécialiste en travaux d'urgence

Dans les situations d’urgence, il est nécessaire d’agir rapidement pour minimiser les coûts. L’expertise d’Humaco Construction fait la différence lors de ces situations.

  • – Installation de SAS rigide en pression négative avec anti-  chambre

  • – Test avec hygromètre, investigation poussée et rapport pour les assurances

  • – Retrait de tous les matériaux contaminés avec matières vivantes


Quick, discreet and efficient solutions for temporary refurbishments

The reality of the hospital environment rarely allows for mass, turnkey safety or product isolation devices. Rather, in hospitals, it is necessary to adapt to existing modules and equipment and build quickly, right from the individual workstations and patient environments.

The specialized teams are efficient, accustomed and always find solutions to all types of problems. Where some see difficulties, Humaco Construction sees solutions.


Issuing software, approval and follow-up of the work

Work approval and billing procedures in hospital settings can quickly become complex and become a strain on all stakeholders.

In collaboration with its clients, Humaco Construction has developed a customized web platform for this type of contract. 

This new method, now simplified, not only drastically increases the speed of work approvals between the different contractors, but also allows for real-time monitoring. With a single click, it is possible to obtain a real-time portrait of all the work awaiting approvals, those approved and to view the status of each invoice. 

Moreover, in order to encourage the implementation of this platform within your teams, Humaco has a training team to accompany you in this process.

The system is simple, efficient and ensures effective tracking of approvals and job invoicing.