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Interior system

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Industrial, institutional, commercial
and multi-residential projects

Specialized in the design and installation of high-performance interior systems, Humaco Acoustics can count on a Canada-wide reputation for the quality and conformity of its soundproofing, construction and finishing work on interior design projects.

Humaco Acoustics has forged itself a place among the most important companies in interior systems in Quebec. In constant expansion, it has the capacity to meet the demands of a varied clientele in the institutional, commercial, industrial and multi-residential sectors.


Humaco Acoustics' reputation is well established in the field of interior systems in Quebec. The company's primary objective is to fully satisfy its customers by exceeding expectations in terms of quality of workmanship and efficiency in project management.

Communication and collaboration

Humaco Acoustics bases its approach on collaborative communication which allows to efficiently integrate all the actors of the project, from the customer to the suppliers, including other professionals in the field. The company's culture also advocates the optimization of work methods, with the aim of maximizing the return on investment and offering a service of incomparable quality.

Operational efficiency

Humaco Acoustics is at the forefront of what is offered on the market and is constantly innovating. in terms of operational efficiency.
  • > Thermal insulation
  • > Air and Vapour Membrane
  • > Soundproofing
  • > Metal stud
  • > Gypsum
  • > Joint pulling
  • > Parapet and soffit
  • > Siding panels
  • > Finishing panels
  • > Soundproofing panels
  • > Joint pulling
  • > Acrylic coating
  • > Concrete panels
  • > Rough carpentry
  • > Nail bottom
  • > Metal Ceilings
  • > Gypsum ceilings
  • > Suspended ceilings
  • > Special ceilings (wood, metal, aluminum, stretched canvas, etc.)
  • > Benefits
  • > Lead installation

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