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Building the future

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The Groupe Humaco team consists of more than 350 construction professionals who are passionate and committed to creating large-scale projects with a human dimension. 

We are committed to putting people at the center of our activities, while respecting their differences, beliefs and skills, because we know that you are the heart and lungs of this company.

We are committed to fostering participatory management in our governance because we know that collective intelligence will take us further.

We are committed to making innovation our driving force for development, because we are convinced that it is our best ally in building the future.

We are committed to helping our fellow man, through our actions, our gifts and our time, because we recognize that we are privileged.

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Your future at humaco

and culture

We encourage our employees to act in ways that embody the core values of the Groupe Humaco. We want all employees to be proud of their work and their contribution to the company's mission.


We want to attract and retain the most talented and committed people by investing in the training, support and development of our employees. We also implement work-study balance measures.

well-being, health
and safety

We care about the health and well-being of our employees. In addition to promoting compliance with health and safety standards, we are committed to providing a comprehensive health care plan and work-life balance measures to all our employees.

and diversity

We want to provide an inclusive workplace of talented people from all backgrounds and cultures.


We are proud of the community involvement of our employees and fully support them in their efforts with communities and various organizations.


Be part of a dynamic and committed team. Whether in project management, administration, estimation, real estate development, procurement or innovation, join a team of passionate people! 

skilled construction

Participate in major projects. To develop and use solid construction knowledge and skills, join a team of experienced workers!