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Le Groupe

A company fully committed to people, their environment and their quality of life.

Actions guided by human values

Human Development

Openness and mutual aid because at Humaco, it is above all human.


Respect between all stakeholders for high quality achievements.


Service offer focused on customer benefit where honesty is the key.


Active cooperation for better proactivity and risk tolerance.


Evolve to maximize operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Humaco Group operates in a spirit of collaboration, integrity, respect, innovation and human development. This is what creates this unique synergy between our entities, partners, suppliers and co-workers.

Vision for the future

« When I joined Gyptech Acoustics in 1999, I wanted to create an organization whose values were centered on people. The name of our group was carefully chosen to illustrate respect, integrity and collaboration - the pillars of the companies that support the Humaco family. It is my sincere wish that our group's values serve as a model for all our partners, customers and suppliers and contribute to the development of a visionary, healthy and committed industry. »


President of the Humaco Group

Evolution of the Group

  • 1999

    Humaco Group began its history with the arrival of Francis Roy at Gyptech Acoustique, which later became Humaco Acoustique. Mr. Roy wanted to promote human values within the organization and make it a leader in the interior system industry.

  • 1999 to present

    Constant growth over the years, accompanied by increasingly important projects, brings the company from Quebec City to Montreal, through the regions of Quebec, the Atlantic Provinces, the Turks and Caicos Islands and Northern Canada.

  • 2003

    In 2003, Mr. Francis Roy founded the company Index Construction, which later became Humaco Construction, specializing in the development of commercial offices to meet the growing demand of its customers in Quebec City and then Montreal.

  • 2013

    The company Roy, Lapierre et Associés, which will become Humaco Strategies, dedicated to real estate development is created.

  • Today

    Mr. Roy and his partners have come together under a common identity that reflects their business vision and values. This is the launch of the Humaco Group, which includes 4 active entities and 2 entities under development: Humaco Acoustics - interior systems contractor, Humaco Construction - general contractor, Humaco Stratégies - real estate development, Humaco Technologies - construction innovation, Humaco Real Estate Services - building management and Humaco Recycle - eco-responsible deconstruction and demolition. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)


Sceau Concilivi

Humaco est fier d’être la première entreprise de construction au Québec à obtenir cette reconnaissance qui témoigne de notre engagement, de nos actions et de notre flexibilité en matière de conciliation famille-travail, et ce autant dans nos bureaux que sur nos différents chantiers de construction à travers la province.

A tradition of community involvement

Humaco Group is proud to participate each year in activities aimed at supporting the community.

"QUART DE SIÈCLE" Member of the ACQ

June 2020 marked Humaco Acoustics' 25 years of membership in ACQ. This tribute is a proof of honesty, integrity and competence on the part of the company.

Certifié mixité 2021

Humaco est fier de promouvoir l’intégration et de favoriser le maintien des femmes sur les chantiers.