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Carriers in building sites

Groupe Humaco hires more than 350 full-time construction workers year-round.

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More than 350 full-time year-round construction workers.

Étienne Goudreau surintendant Québec Humaco Construction entrepreneur général

General contractor
Quebec City Region

Étienne Goudreau

Surintendant Humaco Construction


Martin René surintendant Montréal Humaco Construction entrepreneur général

General contractor
Montreal Region

Martin René

Surintendant Humaco Construction


Philip Reny _ ressources humaines _ Acoustique

Interior system

Philip Reny

Coordonnateur de la main d’oeuvre


Become a building site expert

At Humaco, we recognize excellence and support leadership. We aim to create a dynamic, innovative and sustainable work environment by providing challenging career opportunities. It is in this spirit that we have set up a mentoring program to facilitate the transfer of expertise and to accompany workers who wish to progress within the organization towards the achievement of their goals.

Mentorat chez Humaco objectifs, reconnaissance, opportunités, motivation, progression

Develop your full potential

A stimulating environment where there are many opportunities for development and advancement. Humaco employees are the key to the success of each project. We care about the well-being of our employees and invest in their development.