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Real estate

Planning and execution of major real estate projects

Professional strategic guidance for major real estate projects

Humaco Strategies offers consulting services and strategic guidance to real estate developers, from the planning to the realization of their project.

We take care to work closely with all stakeholders involved in your real estate project such as the contractor and construction professionals, government and municipal authorities, suppliers and all other stakeholders or partners.


Humaco Strategies has the experience to deal with all the parameters to be considered before starting the work. The professionalism of our team allows us to optimize each step of your project.

Appreciated and recognized real estate developments throughout Quebec

Anxious to contribute to the creation of living environments designed for humans, Humaco Strategies joins forces with real estate development projects that meet the needs of communities.

Keeping abreast of the evolution of society's values and expectations, our team conducts pre-feasibility studies that respect the highest standards and principles of sustainable development.

Guided by a forward-looking approach, we rely on innovation and the pooling of varied expertise. Our collaborative approach to work emphasizes both creativity and competence. This synergy results in the realization of exceptional projects.