Innovation en construction | Humaco Technologies

Innovation in construction

Innovative, practical solutions based on industry-specific issues

Strategic, technological and organizational

A three-tiered innovation-based approach harmonizes human, economic and technological aspects. Humaco Technologies intervenes with a constant concern for the interaction that exists between these aspects of the system and the various disciplines involved.

Multidisciplinary team

Humaco Technologies mobilizes resources from different fields of expertise around a common project in order to offer personalized, professional and rapid support.

Schéma présentant la multidisciplinarité dans l'innovation en construction



An opportunity for construction workers to concretize and prototype their ideas

Analysis of technological needs and development of simple and effective solutions to keep the focus on value-added activities

Autonomy in the continuous search for efficiency by relying on the creativity of all the actors in the organization


Implementation of a simple action plan of responsible actions towards the environment, the community and economic opportunities

Customized training based on solid pedagogical strategies that promote rapid and structured integration


IT support to allow internal resources to focus their efforts on field activities

Building site priority

Humaco Technologies acts as a leader in Quebec's construction sector in its transition to Industry 4.0 by accompanying companies in the development of innovative and sustainable practices that have a positive impact on site productivity.