Specialized in projects in busy environments, hospitals and express works

Expertise and high quality accompaniment

With more than 20 years of experience as a general contractor in Quebec, Humaco Construction distinguishes itself by a seasoned team that takes to heart to carry out each mandate with a concern for excellence and very high quality standards. All work is carried out with discretion, courtesy and professionalism in a busy environment.

Creating living environments at the heart of communities

Humaco Construction is recognized for its expertise and creativity in highly complex projects in busy environments. The team of consultants and managers is dedicated to providing solid, resource-conscious and informed support throughout construction, renovation, fit-up and maintenance projects.
The company also has an appreciated know-how in the development, maintenance and restoration of commercial, institutional and multi-residential buildings.

Specialized Services


Humaco Construction excels in carrying out work that requires harmonizing construction operations with the daily activities and occupants of the environment.


Over the years, Humaco Construction professionals have developed work techniques specifically adapted to the hospital environment in order to minimize the impact on operations.

Humaco Construction deploys fully dedicated express units for jobs that require rapid intervention.