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Construction 4.0

The Construction Industry on the Road to 4.0

Construction 4.0?

It is difficult to have a precise definition of the 4.0 build, but here is a simplified version that represents Humaco's vision. The gradual mastery of enabling technologies combined with a sustained focus on the key elements of the concept ensures a successful transition.

" A set of connectivity technologies that enable real-time decision making to support and rethink the way products, services and business processes are designed. "

Two challenges facing 4.0

> Imagining and anticipating new opportunities to transform products, services and processes in relation to the emergence of 4.0.

> To master the new technologies needed to create new products, services and processes; the added value of Humaco Technologies.

Enabling Technologies in 4.0

Schéma qui présente le lien entre les technologies du 4.0 et les processus-produits-services

Construction Transition Context 4.0

The construction sector is already moving towards the 4.0 technology concept. However, there is a significant gap to be filled between the current technological level of the industry and the achievement of 4.0. Through all of its services, Humaco Technologies wishes to accompany companies in the construction sector in the gradual development of innovative, simple and enabling 4.0 practices.

2.0 Centralized Two-Way Connectivity

Schéma de centralisation des données numériques

3.0 Decentralized Two-Way Connectivity

Schéma de décentralisation des données numériques

4.0 Decentralized Neural Connectivity

Réseau neuronal présentant les technologies de la construction 4.0

Humans at the heart of 4.0

The promises of 4.0 are only valid if the transition is made by combining the response to immediate needs with a long-term vision, and this, with respect for humans and the environment. It is essential to put technology at the service of mankind to make innovation possible and achieve the ideal of the intelligent worksite.