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Fast, efficient and discreet service to meet the challenges and complexities of busy work environments

Project management, Package
Turnkey, Cost +

Whether it is for development, redevelopment, restoration, renovation, maintenance or even new construction, Humaco Construction is the contractor general, the ideal candidate for the project.

Commercial Construction

Commercial offices - Shopping malls -
Hotel complexes - Seniors' residences

With a vast expertise developed over the years, Humaco Construction is a partner of choice for all types of commercial projects.

Institutional and industrial projects

hospital centers - schools - sports complexes - factories - warehousing centers
Working in a busy environment is challenging and adds a significant level of complexity. Humaco Construction has innovated and optimized its value chain in order to be in total synergy with the various project stakeholders.

Multi-residential construction

Condominiums - Apartments - Social housing - Townhouses

Humaco Construction is committed to delivering high quality projects on time and in a spirit of collaboration between all stakeholders.